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Content Management and Writing

Website Content Management

In addition to building websites, we provide ongoing content management — both for websites we develop and pre-existing sites. Although we specialize in managing Drupal and Wordpress sites, we maintain sites on other content management systems or development platforms. Content management services include writing, editing and design, as well as creating images — photos and illustrations — and videos.

Original Website Content

Whether it's for sites built from scratch or for redesign and upgrade jobs, we write original content specifically tailored to your needs and audience.

News Releases

As former journalists and public relations professionals, we have experience on both sides of the news divide. Our news release writing and dissemination services make use of our experience and contacts to create sharp, concise copy and maximize impact. 

SEO Preparation

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), we believe that the best SEO is organic SEO. A website that is what it says it is will find its place in the ever-shifting world of search engine algorithms. Some will attempt tricks to boost their search placement artificially, but search engines are constantly working to combat such tactics and sometimes punish websites that use them. We approach our work with a solid understanding of what works and what doesn't, and prepare copy for websites with search and keyword data in hand and in mind to deliver consistent, reliable results.