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Great Education Colorado

Great Education Colorado is a nonpartisan, statewide, grassroots organization of public education supporters in Colorado. We provide ongoing communications and technical support for their family of websites and manage their social media outreach using Wordpress, Salsa, Facebook and Twitter. America's Fish provided a three-phase redesign of the Wordpress-powered website, helping the website evolve as the organization grows from a small operation to a robust nerve center of education advocacy in Colorado. The first phase of the redesign in 2011 simplified the design across several websites in the organization's network. The second phase a year later was a full-scale redesign that introduced a new color scheme and a responsive grid for mobile and tablet optimization. This phase also consolidated the primary website with a blog and several chapter websites, blending them into one, easy-to-manage installation. The final phase of the redesign implemented an updated the design and the functionality of the website.

In addition to the organization's primary website, America's Fish also manages Great Education Colorado Action, Great Futures Colorado and numerous microsites that have been tied to specific issues or campaigns.

We also provide graphic design, presentations and video production.

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